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Our directory hosts the most qualified wildlife control companies in your local area of the U.S. Give one of our pros a call for wildlife removal services – you won’t regret it.

Each year, nuisance animals cause homeowners and commercial business owners alike all kinds of headaches. It may be a beaver dam causing the yard to flood, raccoons in the attic making all kinds of noise at godforsaken hours in the morning, or bat infestations making you lose sleep. These issues can & will cause real-life problems and should be dealt with ASAP.

Bat Removal Pro hosts specialists in wildlife control, and our providers handle all wildlife-related issues. Every one of our pros offers their services to handle species such as bats, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, moles, groundhogs, beaver, birds, foxes, coyotes, and several more.

The only issues our providers will NOT handle are domestic pet issues, such as with stray or domestic animals like cats and dogs. Last but not least, definitely no in-laws!

The Problem Seasons For Wildlife Issues In Your Home

Wildlife issues in homes can vary by region and the types of animals involved, but generally, there are certain seasons when these problems are more prevalent. The most prevalent time of year to experience these kinds of issues is in the springtime and late summer. In early spring, towards the end of March, the animals will prepare dens or harborages for their young ones. This time of year often leads to the animals attempting to infest a person’s home—and they frequently succeed, more times than not.

To minimize wildlife issues, inspecting your home regularly for potential entry points and sealing any cracks or gaps is important. Also, trimming trees and bushes away from the house can reduce access for animals that might climb into the attic or other parts of the structure.

The safety issues and annoyances these problems carry with them are why businesses exist that offer wildlife removal services to anyone experiencing an animal problem. To do this, a business must be licensed by their respective State’s wildlife office – which is generally run through a branch governed under the State’s Department Of Natural Resources.

Specific Seasons For Wildlife

  1. Spring (March-May): Spring is a common time for wildlife problems as many animals are searching for safe places to give birth and raise their young. You might find birds nesting in vents, squirrels in attics, or even raccoons setting up residence in chimneys or crawl spaces.
  2. Fall (September-November): In the fall, many animals are preparing for winter and may seek shelter in homes to escape the cold. This includes mice, rats, bats, and squirrels. They might enter through small holes and can nest in walls, attics, or basements.
  3. Winter (December-February): During the colder months, rodents like mice and rats are more likely to seek warmth and shelter indoors. This can lead to issues in basements, garages, and kitchens where these animals find food and warmth.
  4. Summer (June-August): Although less common for invasions due to warmer weather, issues can still arise, particularly with bats and snakes seeking cool places like basements or sheds.
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Our Wildlife Removal Services have some of the most qualified professionals in the U.S. Give us a try – you’ll be glad you did.

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You want Professional Wildlife Removal Services dealing with your wildlife issues. You’ve come to the right place at Bat Removal Pro!

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Remember – Wildlife Removal is NOT “Pest Control”

Technically speaking – yes, wildlife removal actually is a form of “pest control.” However, within the frameworks of each industry, there is a fundamental difference – pest control companies offer service using insecticides and wildlife removal companies offer services using more natural methods of removal, without the use of chemicals.

Furthermore, it’s advised that one should hire a wildlife removal provider and not a pest control provider when experiencing an issue with a nuisance critter, rather than a bug problem. “Pest control companies” often market for rodent control, such as for mice and rat problems, but anything beyond that, generally speaking, is going to be beyond the scope of their pest control capabilities. They may tell you they can do it, and they may even show up and try to offer a solution, but at the end of the day, animal removal services is simply not what they’re used to.

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An Unrelated Example: Hiring A Lawn Company For Mole Trapping Services

If you have a significant invasion of moles or similar pests, it is a sign of trouble! Bat Removal Pros are wildlife removal specialists. You Want Us because we are the best in the U.S.!

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You Need A Professional Mole Trapping Service, Not A Lawn Company!

It’s like calling a lawn company to trap moles in your yard. While the lawn company may know how to set a mole trap, it’s more than likely someone who specializes in catching nuisance wildlife is going to offer a much superior service vs. a company that specializes in cutting grass.

Hiring the wildlife company would also be more cost-effective in the long run rather than hiring the lawn company, even if the wildlife company charges you more for the service. The reason for that is this; the wildlife company is going to have all of the moles caught in a much shorter amount of time, while the lawn company is going to take much longer to accomplish the same task.

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Why Does Hiring A Professional Mole Trapping Service Matter?

Well, time is money. The longer the lawn company takes to catch the moles, the more they will want to charge you for the hassle. On top of that, one mole can dig roughly 75-100ft of tunneling every day by itself, so the extra week the lawn company will take to catch the moles would result in 525-700FT of additional tunneling that is now in your yard.

The same concept applies with pest control companies VS. wildlife removal companies. Come to think of it, the lawn company would probably offer an even better service for catching the moles than a pest control company. The special reason for that is because, instead of trapping them, pest control companies offer poison worm treatments for moles, which can prolong the infestation even more, and they will charge you more money for 1/10th the work.

My Statements Are Not Intended To Target Any Company, Only The Different Industries As A Whole

I want to be clear that my statements do not represent every pest control or wildlife control company out there. The quality of service is always going to be dependent on the individuals working for the company and how much experience those individuals have at the service in question.

The best thing you can do is simply doing your research and find out how well the company can cater to your individual needs by talking to them and describing your issue. Do the research on your issue first, and then call the company to confirm their level of competence and knowledge of your particular problem. Make sure to look up reliable sources of information, the internet can also be full of bad info.

To find someone qualified in your area to offer wild animal removal, simply type this keyword: “(your area) + wildlife removal company.” Or, simply browse our network of pros here. It’s always best to hire one of our wild animal removal experts!

It's always time to do what's best for the customer. Bat Removal Pros professionals are there to serve your needs!