Humane  raccoon trapping and Raccoon Exterminator Services  across the United States and Canada.  We understand raccoons and know what is needed to put an end to their cute raccoon antics and raccoon destruction by the capture of the raccoon, raccoon family in a raccoon den with raccoon mother and raccoon pups. It is often dangerous to allow raccoons to live in attics for extended periods of time. Raccoons enter homes by ripping up and destroying poorly maintained vents, soffit , various types of  roofing and eaves.

Raccoons have been found in attics, raccoons in chimneys, raccoons in fireplaces and raccoons in a Franklin Wood Stove. Raccoons have also been observed destroying the turf of lawns when looking for a meal of worms and grubs. Raccoons will also be found outside and take a liking to your garbage cans and many report they love piza boxes. My point is raccoons have adapted very well from a rural setting into a urban setting and are fully capable of sustaining life and living better close to humans then their ancestors ever did living out in the woods i and once born in the hollowed out sections of a tree.


The Raccoon Procyon lotor [aka Racoon, coon and waschbaren]  is found throughout North America and can be found almost anywhere in the United States & Canada. The raccoon was also introduced in Germany and Japan in the last century and today cause of millions of dollars, yen and euros in raccoon damage any where it is introduced and allowed to propagate with a plentiful food supply and shelter. Raccoons  thrive living off the land eating fish, nuts, berries, and dead carrion or live out of dumpsters behind restaurants anywhere USA or Canada.


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