“Dear bats, we love you in nature, but not in our homes. Please stop this.”

I’m not sure how many bats will receive my heart warming message, but the fact remains there is an alarming amount of bat guano in this attic! The sad part is, our experts at Bat Removal Pro know this sight all too well. Many people will leave the bat problem continue, year after year, in hopes that the bats will just fly out and leave. This is the result of that brilliant solution. However, people still tell themselves that very thing in order to avoid the cost to get rid of bats. I made this post in hopes of helping those people realize, this is not a game. If you have this much bat guano in your house, or even 1/4 of this, your life is literally in danger. Stop and think about losing one of those closest to you. It happens.

Picture Of Bat Guano In Attic

Little do people know, this right here is the real cost of bats in the attic. Remediating all of this bat guano and insulation likely costed the homeowner’s an arm and a leg compared to just paying for the bat removal job in the first place. Too late now, though! Do not expect an endearing apology from the bats, in fact, just the opposite. They could care less!

Hazards From Bat Guano