Ridge-Guard® Roof Ridge Pest Control Solution For All Ridge-Vented Roofs

Ridge-Guard™ is viewed as a revolutionary animal exclusion product among wildlife control professionals. This custom made product is designed to keep bats & other critters from accessing an attic through the ridge vents. This product is the first of it’s kind, and it’s gained a lot of popularity among wildlife control specialists alike.

You can order yourself some Ridge-Guard™ by visiting their website. The cost for a single order of Ridge-Guard™ runs about $2.95 per linear foot, sold in sections of 160 linear feet per-order, or $472.00 total, plus shipping. Included are 200 screws for a proper installment.

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Before Ordering Ridge-Guard™ Call The Company To Review Key Components Of Installation. Call Jack At: 574-518-4843

Want To Find A Company To Install Ridge-Guard™ For You?

The Bat Removal Pro Network is a nationwide directory of bat removal specialists. Upon your request, every company in the Network can provide a quote for installing Ridge-Guard™ at your house. Every homeowner in America should utilize this product. Keep in mind that Ridge-Guard™ does NOT solve bat problems by itself. The bat exclusion process must also be performed. Again, there is nothing else on the market that provides the degree of long-term protection like Ridge-Guard™ does. Click here to browse The Bat Removal Pro Network. The Ridge-Guard™ product will generally cost $10-$14 per foot for professional installation. If you measure, keep in mind that your ridge vents will have two separate sides.

What Does Ridge-Guard™ Do, Exactly?

Ridge vents will often shift due to outside conditions, leaving them exposed. This will turn the peak section of a home into a busy highway for bats and other vermin to maintain their headquarters in an attic. Ridge-Guard™ is a revolutionary solution for ridge protection. This product will save time and money, and the quality speaks for itself. Bats are common invaders around ridge vents, making it very difficult to jump through hoops during a ridge vent repair. Some will invent cheap fixes in hopes of saving money on material. These methods will result in dozens of problems and more damage. Not only will Ridge-Guard™ keep animals out, but it allows for the proper airflow to pass through the ridge vent as well.

For Companies: Is Ridge-Guard™ Worth The Investment?

The more traditional way of critter-proofing a ridge vent is by removing the entire ridge, installing wire mesh along the open run, and finally placing a brand new ridge cap over the installed wire mesh. That is a time-consuming project, and very expensive for the homeowner you are serving. The Ridge-Guard™ product will drastically reduce the amount of time on the job, costs for the homeowner, and you can feel comfortable providing a warranty. Ridge-Guard™ is a highly durable material that will last. The results will leave your customers happy, your technicians praising you, and most importantly the home will be critter-free. Once you order the Ridge-Guard™ Track, you’ll never go back!

Talk To A Professional Installer About Ridge-Guard™

Whether you are a do-it-yourself homeowner or an interested company owner, call Jack Searls about the Ridge-Guard™ product. Jack has installed thousands upon thousands of feet of this product in his experience. Jack is considered the most experienced and knowledgeable individual in the country concerning the Ridge-Guard™ product.

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Manufactured By American Animal Control ® LLC

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“American Animal Control, LLC sells and installs about 1000 linear feet of Ridge-Guard™ per week. We will not even warranty a bat, mouse, bird, or squirrel job without it. When you exclude a home and do not protect the largest gaping hole on the entire house, you are just asking for a recall and more problems down the road.”

Tony Siri, President Of American Animal Control ® LLC