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How Are Bats Removed From An Attic Home or Structure?


Bat Removal , Bat Exclusion and Bat Extermination Services

The approved sanitizing an attic method and most acceptable method involves what is called a bat exclusion. A bat exclusion is simple to explain yet can be difficult because of the design of your structure, access to parts of your structure and condition of your structure. The concept is to close off all possible secondary access points using high grade silicone caulking or better, using metal or other-backing materials in the larger areas.

The incorrect method involves the use of spray foam expanding materials such as “GREAT STUFF” found in most hardware stores. Expanding foam breaks down quickly due to exposure to the sun and other weather elements. Birds and other animals can quickly tear GREAT STUFF apart and leave your attic open again to a future bat invasion in months to a year or two.

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Primary access points are the ones you see bats fly in and out of and special one way valves designed for specific bats species large and small that allow them to leave the home but never enter again. A proper exclusion with the exception of mother nature or work by yourself or a contractor should last for several years if done correctly. The company doing a bat exclusion should schedule a return trip and remove the one way valves and completely seal off of your home.

What I am not sharing here are all the trade secrets involved from special situations vents, screens,siding and that bat work is dangerous involves working in situations even most roofers choose not to do ! The use of netting or traps usually results in bats returning and without a exclusion or a real seal up or bat proofing your home will always have continued bat problems and further contamination and health hazards for your home or your structures occupants.

Home Remedies For Bat Removal

Ultrasonic sound devices don’t work in fact we have found bats sleeping on them in homes.

There are no repellents that work for bats. Buyer beware the Internet is full of scams related to bats . If you choose a method other then bat exclusion you may end up a statistic when they take your money and you learn the hard way.