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Professional Bat Exclusion

Our bat removal professionals seal all the potential openings in your building with heavy gauge galvanized steel screening and/or caulking. All materials used to exclude bats are of the highest quality.

Your WYOMING Bat Removal Professionals

Got bats in your attic. We get and keep the bats out. Humane bat removal. Insurance claim work for bat guano, raccoon feces and urine infestations.

Bat Removal Pro takes pride in a job well done and cares deeply about our customer’s satisfaction. Our customers are NUMBER ONE at Bat Removal Pro. You will not be disappointed when you hire a Bat Removal Pro Professional for Bat Removal and Exclusion.

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Humane Bat Removal

Bats select homes that offer small openings that help them protect their colonies from other predators. Bat often gain entry through poorly installed or poorly maintained homes and often gain access through vents such as gable or ridge vents and into attics. They also gain access through chimneys and can often end up being found flying or rooting in your home someday.

The Bat Inspection

We will inspect your entire home, business, commercial or industrial property. We consult you of any bat or vermin issues or concerns that we find. Our bat inspection is a comprehensive audit of the state of maintenance of your home, we will also present you with a list of necessary repairs or maintenance that we feel your structure requires in order to remain free of bats and other animals.

Wyoming is home to 18 species of bats that sometimes cross paths with humans. Depending on where and how the bat is found determines what you should do:

  • First, please do not handle bats. Bats can spread rabies before having symptoms, and, like any wild creature, may attack if it feels menaced. BUT, If a bat bites, you should seek medical attention and try to trap the bat for analyzing.
  • If a bat is inside vacant parts of structures, like the rafters of a shed, barn or attic, installing one-way doors for a week will let the bats fly out but not back in. Professionals use one-way doors, like the Bat Valve, in the late summer or early fall. Over the summer, females may become separated from their young by a one-way door. Baby bats can’t fly and need to nurse several times each night. Separating the mother bats from the babies is inhumane.
  • If a bat gets into your home, open a window and shut off the room overnight. The bat usually flies out after several hours.
  • Often people report bats on the outside of buildings and during the day. It’s not uncommon to see a bat roosting or even flying during the day. A bat flying during the day is probably searching for a place to bed down. If you spot a bat sleeping, leave it alone. Bats flying during cold winter weather may be a sign of white-nose syndrome, a disease in bats.
  • If you find a wounded bat, please call one of our Wyoming Bat Professionals. It would be best if you did not attempt to rehabilitate a bat or keep it as a pet since it’s illegal without a permit from Wyoming Game and Fish.

Effective Bat Removal

One-way doors: We may install one-way doors on the points of entry that permit bats to exit the building but not re-enter. This is the humane and effective method of bat exclusion and often does not require any personal handling of bats by hand.

Bat Odors and Attic Cleanup

We deodorize and sanitize the contaminated area to deter other animals from being attracted. We prevent unpleasant bat guano smells from entering your work and living areas. We can help you and provide the documentation needed by your insurance companies claim department.

All Types Of Wildlife Control, Trapping, And Exclusion At Our Wyoming Bat Removal Directory

Not only are Bat Removal Pro’s WYOMING Professionals bat removal experts they are also licensed in all areas of wildlife control, trapping, and removal. They also provide the following services:

Did You Know This Wyoming Wildlife fact?

There is a Wyoming statute that declares all wildlife in the state is their property. The statute goes on to say that there is no private ownership of live animals classified as big or trophy game animals.

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We’re Not Finished – Our Wyoming Bat Removal Companies Also Provide The Following Services

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