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If you have a bat problem, you’ve come to the right place! Animal Removal & Prevention has specialized in West Valley City Bat Removal And Bat Control for many years. We are a full-service, 7 days a week wildlife control company. Our experts handle pretty much every wildlife problem you could think of. That said, bat infestation is a rather unique issue. Our company offers the best West Valley City Bat Removal & Exclusion Services.  Also, we always have a GUARANTEED written warranty / contract  unlike many companies. Call us today and learn why we are the best!


West Valley City Bat Removal always number 1.

Another successful Humane West Valley City Bat Removal by Animal Removal & Prevention, Inc. We safely return these captures to the wild after we close all bat entrances to the home. This bat will never get into this West Valley City home again!


At ARP Utah our main goal is to work with the customer to remove unwanted wildlife from their home or structure. We want our customers to know that we have their best interest at heart. We plan to make our visit as quick and painless as possible. You won’t regret using our West Valley City Bat Removal Services.

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Step 1: West Valley City Bat Removal Bat Exclusion

Bat exclusion is the process of removing bats from a building without harming, trapping, or handling the bats in any way. This is the only legal method of bat removal due to State & Federal Laws in place which protect all species of bat. And, we perform humane bat removal for the betterment of the species given their endangerment. The bat exclusion process itself involves sealing the entire structure around the roofline, where any open gaps may are present.

After the sealing process is finished, Animal Removal & Prevention, Inc.’s, West Valley City Bat Removal locates the primary entry point and place a one-way bat cone (or exclusion device) over the area where bats are coming in and out. This device allows the bats to fly out of the home unharmed. Once the bats return, they cannot get through their old entry point, hence “one-way device.” West Valley City Bat Removal knows how to do this properly the first time!


West Valley City Bat Removal removing bat guano

Yes, this can happen to you if bats get into your attic. No job too big for Animal Removal & Prevention, Inc., West Valley City Bat Removal!


Step 2: West Valley City Bat Removal Bat Prevention

Something important to understand about bat biology is their unrelenting desire to maintain a roosting site. If your home has become that roosting site, the bats will not give up so easily. In light of that fact, after the bats are flushed out of your home through the one-way bat cone, they will begin searching for another area to access the attic space. You want detailed sealing of the home which keeps bats out.  If even 1 single space is left unsealed, the bats will surely find it. Bats are able to detect even the slightest draft coming an entry point – using their echolocation hearing capabilities. West Valley City Bat Removal knows how to seal your home son bats won’t get in.

So, if you think you can stop the bats yourself by throwing some contraption you made over their entry point, guess again. But, feel free to try! Just don’t get angry when you notice the bats snickering at you. They’d just love to see you trying such things. But, Animal Removal & Prevention, Inc.’s, West Valley City Bat Removal recommends hiring us instead! We will turn their snickering into crying after we kick them out of your house! P.S. Just between you and I, bats don’t snicker or cry.


The photo below shows a useless attempt to exclude bats with foam. As you can see from the bat guano, the effort failed.

 West Valley City Bat Removal comes across a poor bat exclusion and fixes it.

Animal Removal & Prevention, Inc., The West Valley City Bat Removal Pros, will handle bat removal correctly. Guaranteed!


West Valley City Bat Removal Insights On Cost To Get Rid Of Bats

Lastly, West Valley City Bat Removal comes to the factor of cost. Completely sealing the roofline demands a great deal of work. In order to guarantee our service, we must perform this service in great detail. With that mindset, we are generally able to perform the bat exclusion process successfully after our first attempt. That is why we are considered specialists, after all. In the event where bats manage to get back inside, we must return to perform additional work at no cost to the homeowner. The amount of work will vary depending on the size and condition of the home/structure, so there is actually not a “set rate” when it comes to bat removal – but rather we price the service after we inspect the building.

Until West Valley City Bat Removal sees your home in person, we can’t give you an exact cost. However, we will note that bat exclusion is on the higher-end of the pricing scale, when compared to other of wildlife infestations. The minimum cost of bat exclusion is generally around Fifteen-Hundred Dollars, and it goes up from there – based on the size & condition of your home.


West Valley City Bat Removal capturing a bat with very sharp teeth.

Animal Removal & Prevention, Inc., THE West Valley City Bat Removal Pros, don’t want you to confront the sharp teeth of a bat flying in your home. Please call us at (801) 285-6328 so you don’t face  a bat bite in your home.


West Valley City Bat Removal Thoughts On Bat Infestation Concerns – Bat Guano Contamination

Due to their small size and nature, Bats only need a gap 3/8th’s of an inch or wider to squeeze into your home. Talk about a tight fit! Not only that, but once a bat colony has managed to get inside your home, they cause all kinds of damages. Bat guano and urine contamination is a real concern. Over time, spores of bacteria will become present in bat guano, and if this material is inhaled into the lungs it causes a respiratory infection disease – known as Histoplasmosis. As long as you don’t venture into your attic without a quality-grade respirator, you should be fine to remain in the house.

That said, if you are able to smell the bat guano inside living areas, that is not good. The problem has likely surpassed the safety threshold at that point, so, please vacate your home  immediately. Furthermore, if there are any vents or gaps connecting the air flow from the attic to inside the home, that is also not safe. West Valley City Bat Removal knows how to make your home 100% safe!


West Valley City Bat Removal specialists found these three bats hanging in a West Valley City Utah home

Animal Removal & Prevention, Inc., THE West Valley City Bat Removal Experts, found these three bats hanging in a West Valley City, Utah home. They were humanely captured and removed. After that all bat openings to the home were repaired.


West Valley City Bat Removal Says Use Our Bat Guano Cleanup & Attic Restoration Services

Over extended periods of time, bat guano will accumulate in piles throughout your attic. Depending on the size of bat colony living in your home, damages may be severe. Luckily for you, West Valley City Bat Removal is certified in attic restoration. We can offer services to cleanup the bat waste in your attic, and we can also remove & replace damaged or soiled insulation. Lastly, West Valley City Bat Removal  sanitizes the attic space removing ALL harmful enzymes. This will completely eliminate the risk of disease from the bat guano, and your home will be restored to healthy living conditions.


Experiencing A Wildlife Or Bat Infestation In Your West Valley City Home Or Attic? No Problem! Animal Removal & Prevention Takes Pride In Being The Best Wildlife Control Service West Valley City Bat Removal Has To Offer! Call Us At (801) 285-6328


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Top 5 Bat Problems In Utah


  1. See Bats In The Attic – When bats invade an attic space they are likely to build up large amounts of guano deposits scattered throughout the attic. Animal Removal & Prevention, Inc. can provide attic cleanup when bats make a mess.
  2. Bats In The Chimney- Bats are very common to invade the chimney area. Many people will get bats flying around in the house when bats are present inside their chimney. This is generally due to an open flu in the chimney. You need West Valley City Bat Removal when this occurs in your home.
  3. Have Bats In Vents- Vents can be highly attractive to bats because of the drafts protruding from the vents. People will often notice bats in vents when waste begins to accumulate somewhere below the vent area.
  4. Bats In The House- The hot summer seasons can drive bats to come down from an attic into living areas. Bats do this because the attic becomes too hot for them, so they go lower seeking cooler temps.
  5. Also, Bats In Church- One of the more common structures for bats to invade are churches. Many times churches have open steeples, welcoming many different creatures including bats. Animal Removal & Prevention, Inc. can help.
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