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C2 Wildlife Removal is a full-service wildlife control company offering professional San Antonio bat removal services. Our specialists offer services for both residential and commercial clients. Whether you are a homeowner or a large business, give our pros a call to discuss your bat problem.

Keeping your family safe and buildings protected long-term is our #1 priority. Bat guano and urine can cause significant damages to attics and drywall, which is why removing the bats promptly is highly important.

The service we offer for San Antonio bat removal comes with a written guarantee to ensure our work is completed with success and customers satisfied. You are in good hands with C2; we get the bats out and keep them out, guaranteed!

Our San Antonio bat removal experts are fully licensed and insured to protect customers. Call our pros today at (210) 864-8334 to schedule an inspection.

Owner of San Antonio Bat Removal Pro is the consumate professional.

Dalton is the owner of C2 Wildlife  Removal and takes great pride in all the work he does. When hiring Dalton’s company, you’re getting a top-of-the-line San Antonia Texas Bat Removal service.

San Antonio Bat Removal Services – How We Do It

Do you hear scratching noises in your walls or ceiling? This can be evidence for bats, but other rodents cannot be ruled out. This is why a full-home inspection is necessary to confirm the presence of bats. Once a bat infestation has been confirmed, we will present our customers with a strategic plan to resolve the issue. Generally, sealing all gaps around the roofline is the priority.

Bat work is highly detailed and requires a trained technician to identify the areas which require sealant. The weather-proof caulking we use to seal gaps is transparent and will not be noticeable to the naked eye once the job has been completed. We pride ourselves on offering neat and detailed sealant work.

These are Stalactites in a "Home" caused by minerals in Bat urine.
Stalactites can be produced by minerals in Bat urine. It takes decades of bat roosting to produce Stalactites this large.

Once the gaps around the roofline have been properly sealed, we will then hang one-way bat exclusion devices over the primary points of entry. These devices will allow the bats to exit but not re-enter, hence “one-way.” Furthermore, once the bats have exited the home for their nighttime feeding routine and return at dawn to reenter their roost (your attic), they will discover their entry has been blocked, and they will often search the rest of the home in attempts to regain access to the structure. This is why detailed sealing is the essential aspect of a San Antonio bat removal project.

These Bat Valves Are One Way Devices That Humanely Allow Bats Out of A Building But Will Not Allow Bats Back In

The Flex 2 is used by C2 Wildlife Removal
The FR4 Bat Valve is used by C2 Wildlife Removal
The SG3 Bat Valve is used by C2 Wildlife Removal

The Photo Below Shows An Ineffective Attempt To Exclude Bats With Foam. As You Can See From The Bat Guano The Effort Failed.

Poor insulation and bat guano repaired by unqualifued company, San Antonio Bat Removal Pro would never do this.

C2 Wildlife Performs All San Antonio Bat Removal Jobs Correctly The First Time. Guaranteed!

C2 Wildlife Are Much More Than San Antonio Bat Removal Experts – We Provide Services For All San Antonio TX Nuisance Wildlife Problems

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San Antonio Bat Removal Pro are bat removal experts
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San Antonio Bat Removal Pro are bird removal professionals
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FAQ’s About San Antonio Bat Removal

“How Much Does Bat Removal Cost?”

There is no set rate for a bat removal project. The cost will vary based on the amount of sealing work that needs to be completed on the home. Older or poorly built homes tend to have more gaps, and so one can expect a higher rate compared to a newly constructed home. Larger homes and commercial buildings will also cost more to have bats removed than your average residential home.

“How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Bats?”

The bat exclusion process can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks to ensure all the bats have left the roost. Generally speaking, our company will exclude most bats on the first night after the home is sealed and the one-way devices are in place. Furthermore, bat exclusion cannot be performed during certain times of the year due to the maternity season or when the females give birth to young.

Since bats are federally protected, we cannot perform the exclusion process while the young ones are still unable to fly. If we did, the mother bats would leave, and the babies would be left in the attic to die, causing bad odors on top of the fact this would be highly illegal. Contact us for further information about bat maternity season.

Please Note That During Maternity Season We May Not Be Able To Remove Bats From Your Buildings Which Is Made Clear In This Article On The BRP Blog Post HERE

San Antonio Bat Removal finds colonies of bats in attics
C2 Wildlife Removal’s San Antonio Bat Removal division often finds a colony of bats roosting in a client’s attic. It would be best if you got a colony of bats out of your buildings quickly before damage multiples and your health is put at risk.

“Do You Offer Attic Restoration And Bat Guano Cleanup Services?”

Absolutely! This service is critical to protect the homeowners from being exposed to harmful bacterias in bat waste. A disease called Histoplasmosis can be contracted when you are around bat guano without a proper respirator. Our professionals offer to clean out bat waste and restore your attic to healthy conditions, which can involve removing attic insulation and other contaminated materials. We then sanitize the attic with anti-bacterial spray/fog that will kill any lingering pathogens before installing the new insulation.

With C2 wildlife removal, you get the full package! Don’t hesitate to contact our team of trained San Antonio bat removal experts for professional bat control and attic restoration services.