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The Critter Team and The Critter Squad serving Houston Texas
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Bat Removal Specialists Of Houston, Texas

Houston bat removal can be quite the ordeal for a homeowner with bats in their attic. The Critter Squad Houston Bat Removal Services cover the entire Houston Area. Also, when you hire the Critter Squad Houston Bat Removal Services in Houston Texas, the job will come with a written contract and 2-year warranty. For Houston Bat Removal Services call the Critter Squad. You’ll be glad you did!


in addition, the Critter Squad Houston Bat Removal Services area has expanded – We Now Service the entire Houston Area

The Critter Squad services the entire houston area

The Bat Removal Process In Houston Is Completed In 3 Stages.

Step 1: Bat Inspection: The Roofline Inspected For Openings & The Attic For Damage.

Step 2: Bat Exclusion: The Home Bat-Proofed And One-way Valves Hung. The Bats Can Exit The Building Unharmed. Also, All Houston Bat Removal Services Humanely Performed.

Step 3: Bat Guano Cleanup: The Guano Removed Along With Contaminated Insulation. Furthermore, Your Houston Attic Sanitized for Healthy Living Conditions In The Home.

Don’t try to capture the bat. Bats are good in flight and require experienced training. You may also injure the bat or break its wings. Notify a professional and evacuate the area. Secure the doors so that the bat doesn’t escape if the bat is in an enclosure. If the bat is outside in the open, keep people away so as not to scare the bat to fly away. Identify the people who came into contact with the bat for further diagnosis.

Don’t try to capture bats. Bats are good in flight and require experienced training for capture. In addition, you may also injure the bat or break its wings. In addition, The Critter Squads Houston Bat Removal Services demands the best from their bat removal team! Get the best! Get the Critter Squad!

Facts About Bat Removal:

  • The Bat Removal Procedure Will Take Between 1-3 Days On Average To Complete.
  • Guano Cleanup Is Important Because Of The Potential Diseases, Including Histoplasmosis.
  • Bat Removal May Take More Than The First Attempt, Which Is Why A Warranty Will Be Included.


The Critter Squad Wildlife Services catch and remove snakes as well. We are A++ good 100% of the time.

The Critter Squad Wildlife Services can help with all sorts of critters that invade your home. Don’t let these creepy crawlers get the best of you. Call the Critter Squad for all your wildlife pest control needs. We are A++ good 100% of the time.


About The Cost Of Bat Removal In Houston

The Cost Of Houston Bat Removal Services Will Be Primarily Based On The Home’s Size & Condition. Also, older and more Open homes tend to cost more for bat eviction services. Bats in the attic or chimney are the most common bat problems in Houston, but other times people will experience bat infestation to a lesser degree, such as when bats are roosting inside gable vents or between siding where they can be manually flushed out and removed by a pro. Furthermore, those situations are much cheaper to handle.

Based on our experience in Houston Bat Removal Services, it’s fair to say that the cost is going to be somewhere in the range of $1200 – $3900 based on the condition and size of the building, with also factoring how large of a bat colony is present in the home/attic. Also, that pricing is for “full exclusion” which is mandatory when a colony of bats is infesting the inner workings of a structure. $1200 is the minimum cost for bat exclusion in Houston, with our average jobs being priced between $2000 – $2500.

Bat problems concentrated around an outside portion of a home (such as a vent) can be remediated for a small fraction of the cost. However, whenever there are bats inside of the home, attic, or chimney, full exclusion is mandatory. Furthermore, it’s most common to have bats in the attic of your Houston residence.

Click Here For More Info On The Cost Of Houston Bat Removal Services & Bat Guano Cleanup/Remediation

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About The Owner Of The Critter Squad

Jimmy, AKA James, is the owner of The Critter Squad’s Houston Bat Removal Services offers professional bat removal solutions in the Houston area. Furthermore, he’s been in business for several years now and he knows bats!  100% Military veteran owned and operated, The Critter Squad’s  military work ethic presents a quality example for others to follow. Our Houston Bat Removal Services does our jobs right the first time. Also, we pride ourselves on three important qualities: dedication, integrity, and customer satisfaction. Give us a call and let us rid you, your family, your home and/or your business of any wildlife pest problem. In addition, we have several employees so we can get to you soon after your call!

The photo below shows an ineffective attempt to exclude bats with foam. As you can see from the bat guano the effort failed.

The Critter Squad won't leave this type of poor insulation and will completely clean bat guano

The Critter Squad will do the job correctly the first time. guaranteed!

The Critter Squad Serving Houston Texas





  The Critter Squad Wildlife Control Service 

Top 5 Bat Problems In Texas

  1. See Bats In The Attic? When bats invade an attic space they are likely to build up large amounts of guano deposits scattered throughout the attic. Furthermore, The Critter Squad Bat Removal Houston TX can provide attic cleanup when bats make a mess.
  2. Flapping Bats In The Chimney?  Bats often invade chimney areas. Many people will get bats flying around in the house when bats are present inside their chimney. Also, this is generally due to an open flue in the chimney.
  3. Heard Bats In Vents? Vents can be highly attractive to bats because of the drafts protruding from the vents. In addition, people will often notice bats in vents when waste begins to accumulate somewhere below the vent area.
  4. Chasing After Bats In The House? The hot summer seasons can drive bats to come down from an attic into living areas. Furthermore, bats do this because the attic becomes too hot for them, so they go lower seeking cooler temps.
  5. Flying Bats In Church? One of the more common structures for bats to invade are churches. Also, many times churches have open steeples, welcoming many different creatures including bats. The Critter Squad Bat Removal Houston TX can help.