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Wildlife & Bat Removal Specialists in Anderson

Looking for a local and qualified professional for bat removal or wildlife control around Anderson? Well, you found the right people for the job. Palmetto Wildlife Extractors has been the leading animal removal business in South Carolina for several years. We handle all wildlife. Our services in Anderson are for wildlife trapping, damage repairs, attic cleanup, and bat exclusion. We do not do bugs. Bat proofing is an especially common service we offer. Bat work is done by excluding the bats alive. We put up one-way devices on your home so the bats can fly out, but not back in, and that is guaranteed!



Serving the beautiful communities of the South Carolina region.


We Handle All Wildlife Pests, Not Just Bats!

You could say we are the bat specialists, however, we also handle many other types of nuisance pests around Anderson, including raccoons, squirrels, moles, wild hogs, sparrows, starlings, woodpeckers, skunks, groundhogs, beaver, alligators, & other varmints removal. Nothing can get past us, you can count on that much!


snake in shower

Most of the snakes found in South Carolina are non-venomous. However, there are some venomous ones & if you’re not sure which is which, you should never attempt to get near or handle one.


100% Guaranteed Wildlife Removal Services In Anderson, South Carolina

We provide warranties for all Anderson pest bat removal projects. And our guarantee is not just for bats, but for all wildlife removal services we offer in Anderson South Carolina. Guaranteed gone is our promise, or your money back.




Qualified Professionals At Work

We are licensed through the SCDNR for Commercial Nuisance Wildlife Services. All of our employees at Palmetto Wildlife have gone through at least 3 or more levels of training handling critters. We are also bonded and insured to protect our valued clients.


We're removing portions of the roof to get at honey bees. We tackle all sorts of pests!

We’re removing portions of the roof to get at honey bees. We tackle all sorts of pests!


We Care About Your Home & Family’s Safety

We will manage your pest conflict like our own family’s safety depended on it, because we know that yours in fact does. We care about resolving your wildlife conflicts quickly and humanely, and with a guarantee. Don’t waste your time trying wildlife removal yourself or hiring a local know-it-all. If you’re looking for a permanent solution, call Palmetto Wildlife Extractors.


Palmetto Wildlife Extractors mission is to leave every home we service critter-free once we are done. For homeowners, wildlife issues can be stressful to deal with, and we know this all too well. It’s not exactly a very fun experience having a bat flying around your house or a raccoon stampeding around your attic at 2AM. Not only will we get rid of the pest critters, but we are also adamant about providing a permanent solution. Pheromones left by animals in the attic will attract more creatures in the future; which is why we offer attic cleanup, crawl space restoration, remediation of guano/feces and contaminated insulation, and sanitation. This will prevent animals from being attracted to your home in the future, so we highly recommend some degree of cleanup and/or sanitation be done to disinfect the attic of scent, and to also eliminate any potential disease risks.

Justin Ludy, President Of Palmetto Wildlife Extractors


Humane Solutions Is What Sets Us Apart From The Rest.

Our company also focuses on providing humane solutions to all wildlife problems in Anderson. Why? Because the animals didn’t choose your home to intentionally harass you, although sometimes it might seem like it! They simply chose your residence because it’s a safe haven for them give birth to offspring and/or endure the outdoor conditions. Just because we offer a humane service does not mean our methods are any less effective. That is why we provide a guarantee, for all critters!


This raccoon couldn't get past us. BUT, he'll be moved where he can't bother anyone.

This raccoon couldn’t get past us. BUT, he’ll be moved where he can’t bother anyone.


Creatures In Your Attic? Here’s Why You Need To Hire A Specialist.

The most common home invading wildlife pests include bats, raccoons, squirrels, birds, and rodents. When animals are infesting your home’s internal structure, they need to be gone, like, yesterday. Why? Because the damage these critters can cause is no joke. The longer they are in your house, the more damage they cause. Critters will not just lay back and use your insulation as a pillow. They will consistently damage material and leave more droppings in your attic than you thought possible, and this cycle will continue every single day until the problem is finally resolved. Don’t waste your time attempting the removal process on your own, or hiring some know-it-all down the street, but instead call Palmetto Wildlife Extractors now!


We are the best in our area. Palmetto is number 1!

We are the best in our area. Palmetto is number 1!


Disease Transmitted By Bats

Bats can transmit rabies, not to mention their guano can break down into microscopic particles that contain spores of virus that can transmit histoplasmosis in your lungs if you inhale this material, so be very cautious and do not attempt anything that is best left to a professional, such as trying to catch a bat or looking for guano in your attic.



We Are Anderson’s Bat Removal Specialists!

Bat problems in Anderson cannot be ignored for long, because bats will simply not permit it! The most common symptom of a bat infestation is experiencing the occurrence of bats flying around your house. If that happens, reframe from picking up that tennis racquet and inventing a new sport, because our pros are already highly trained to handle this issue. We get rid of bats in Anderson with a 100% guarantee, which we have reiterated on this page several times, because we really mean it!


Bats hanging out in an attic along the chimney.

Bats hanging out in an attic along the chimney. Palmetto is number 1 in bat removal and exclusion.


Learn What’s Involved In Performing A Bat Exclusion:

Step 1: Inspection & Finding The Entry

If you have bats in your attic or bats in your chimney, or otherwise anywhere else in your home, we will find the source of the issue and solve it. This is done during inspection. Finding the main entry points the bats are utilizing will be highly important. The opening is usually small but noticeable due to droppings, urine stains, or grease marks surrounding the entry.

Step 2: Sealing & Exclusion Work

Once the entry(s) is discovered, we install “one-way excluders” over the space to allow the bats to pass through the device and exit the home. However, before the excluders are installed, we seal every little exposed gap around your roof (anything 8ft or more above ground level.) Want to know why? Bats possess echolocation hearing and can detect even the slightest draft protruding from an entry point, and so it is easy for them to locate another entry after the main one has been blocked. Putting up the excluders is simple in most cases, but sealing is where the real work is involved. Sealing/Excluding the home requires accessing hazardous parts of the roof, which is why we’ve invested in the proper equipment to complete bat jobs safely.

Step 3: Guano Cleanup and Attic Restoration

Guano cleanup is the 3rd and final step of the service our company offers. Because of the potential health risks, this is generally suggested when there is accumulated guano or urine contamination in your attic. Depending on the severity of damage and guano accumulation, we will offer 2 different services; either spot-cleaning which involves removing only the guano and insulation around it, or, we will also offer full attic restoration which involves remediating all attic material & replacing it.


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Top 5 Bat Problems In south carolina


  1. Bats In The Attic – When bats invade an attic space they are likely to build up large amounts of guano deposits scattered throughout the attic. Palmetto Wildlife Extractors can provide attic cleanup when bats make a mess.
  2. Bats In The Chimney- Bats are very common to invade the chimney area. Many people will get bats flying around in the house when bats are present inside their chimney. This is generally due to an open flu in the chimney.
  3. Bats In Vents- Vents can be highly attractive to bats because of the drafts protruding from the vents. People will often notice bats in vents when waste begins to accumulate somewhere below the vent area.
  4. Bats In The House- The hot summer seasons can drive bats to come down from an attic into living areas. Bats do this because the attic becomes too hot for them, so they go lower seeking cooler temps.
  5. Bats In Church- One of the more common structures for bats to invade are churches. Many times churches have open steeples, welcoming many different creatures including bats. Palmetto Wildlife Extractors can help.