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Professional Bat Exclusion In Minnesota

Our bat removal professionals seal all the potential openings in your building with heavy gauge galvanized steel screening and/or caulking. All materials used to exclude bats are of the highest quality and are guaranteed. During the bat exclusion process, our Minnesota bat removal pros will install one-way devices over the entry points that bats are using to gain access and infest the structure. Bat infestation is highly common in Minnesota, and so it’s important that you hire a qualified expert here at Bat Removal Pro directories. Our pros are all screened for quality assurances for exceptional service.

Your Minnesota Bat Removal And Attic Cleanup Pros

Got bats in your attic? We keep the bats out, for good! We offer humane solutions for bat removal in Minnesota. Our professionals handle insurance claims on cleanup jobs for bat guano, raccoon feces, bird guano, wildlife pheromones, contaminated insulation, and urine contaminates. These issues go hand in hand with wildlife problems in Minnesota. Call a pro at BRP for attic cleanup & restoration due to animal droppings. This service is an additional cost aside from wildlife removal services.

Humane Bat Removal; Because It’s The Only Legal Way

Bats select homes to invade in Minnesota that have small openings exposed in the construction, which pretty much any house will have these gaps. Human structures will help protect the bat colonies from outdoor predators and weather conditions. It’s not right to put the blame on the bats themselves. They chose your home because it offered better conditions than their normal habitat would. All professionals at Bat Removal Pro use humane and ethical means to get rid of bats in Minnesota.

The Bat Inspection: A Comprehensive Audit

Our professionals will inspect your entire home, business, commercial or industrial property in Minnesota for signs of bat infestation. We consult our customer of any bat or vermin issues or concerns that we find. Bat inspection is essentially a comprehensive audit of the state of maintenance your home requires to keep bats out, and so our pros will present you with a list of necessary repairs that your building requires. Our experts also inspect the attic area to observe the condition of insulation and to look for wildlife or bat droppings, which we can help with those, too!

Effective Bat Removal Using One-Way Doors

One-way doors: Our Minnesota bat pros will install one-way bat tubes on the points of entry. These devices will permit bats to exit the building but not re-enter. One-way doors are only part of the bat exclusion process, the entire home also must be sealed up, aka “bat proofed.” This is the only effective method of bat exclusion and it just so happens to be humane as well. Bat exclusion often does not require any handling of bats by hand. However, if a bat has gotten inside your house, our pros can remove it manually while it’s inside the living areas. This is generally an emergency service.

Bat Guano Cleanup, Odor Elimination, and Attic Restoration For Healthy Living Conditions In Your Minnesota Residence

Our Minnesota attic cleanup pros will deodorize and sanitize the contaminated areas to deter other animals from being attracted by pheromones left behind. Cleanup will prevent unpleasant bat guano smells from penetrating your living space. Our pros can help provide the documentation needed by your insurance company for making a repair claim for attic cleanup & restoration in Minnesota.

And Even More – All Types Of Wildlife Control, Trapping, And Removal At Bat Removal Pro

Our Minnesota Professionals at Bat Removal Pro are experts in bat removal, but they are all licensed nuisance wildlife pros who can handle all the Minnesota nuisance pests we list below and more:

  • Minnesota Raccoon Removal
  • Minnesota Squirrel Removal
  • Minnesota Groundhog And Gopher Removal
  • Minnesota Mole Trapping And Removal
  • Minnesota Skunk Trapping And Removal
  • Minnesota Bird Removal And Bird Exterminating
  • Minnesota Beaver Trapping And Muskrat Removal
  • Minnesota Mouse And Rodent Baiting
  • Minnesota Snake Removal And Capture
Photo Opossum: Minnesota opossum trappers

Opossum Trapping

Photo Raccoon: Minnesota raccoon trappers

Raccoon Trapping

Photo Skunk: Minnesota skunk trappers

Skunk Trapping

Photo bat: Minnesota bat exclusion

Bat Exclusion

Photo Pigeon: Minnesota pigeon control

Bird Removal

Photo squirrel: Minnesota squirrel trappers

Squirrel Trapping