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Your Orlando Bat Removal Specialists

Not many can call themselves a true bat removal specialist, but here at Florida Wildlife Trappers, we take pride in providing solutions that are humane and highly effective. When you hire FWT for Orlando bat removal, we provide a 1-2 year guarantee. We have a written contract for you to sign upon agreeing to our bat exclusion proposal. This contract is meant to protect both you the client and ourselves. It also provides a sense of security for our client in knowing it bounds our company to return should there be any problems. We proudly say that it wouldn’t matter either way – our word is our bond!

Even with our degree of experience, bats remain a notoriously difficult animal to get rid of. Bats in the attic are dealt with using methods of live-exclusion which must be done very meticulously. We advise consumers to do some research before hiring a company for bat removal. Right here – right now, we’ll lay it out flat and review exactly what you need to know, including factors of cost, methodology, facts, and more further advise. Bat removal is not easy, but you can also view our DIY Guide Here.

Bats are a federally protected species. Never consider hiring a company that suggests euthanizing the bat colony living in your home as a solution. The only scenario where a bat (singular) may be legally killed is when it’s discovered inside the home and needs to get tested for rabies. However, the colony inside the structure must be dealt with using a method known as “live bat exclusion.”

This bat was captured in a clients attic. Many more as well.

We captured this bat inside of a client’s home. It was roosting on a window sill. There were many more of his buddies hiding in the attic as well… In the end, we humanely got rid of them all!

Process Of Bat Removal & Home Insurance

The exclusion process is done in 3 stages. The first step is inspection, where we determine the number of gaps around the roofline, where the entry point is located, and also the extent of damages and bat guano in the attic. Post-Inspection we will submit our bid for the exclusion service.

The second step involves sealing the home and performing the live-exclusion process. This is done by sealing every gap around the home’s roofline and soffits, except for the primary entry points the bats are using. We then install funnels or “one-way doors” over the entry so bats can fly out but not in.

The 3rd and final step is ensuring the bats are gone, followed by providing guano cleanup and contaminated insulation removal. Depending on the significance of waste in the attic, we may suggest submitting a claim to your homeowners’ insurance to have the cleanup process covered. Generally, insurance will never cover the exclusion process. However, bat guano cleanup and attic restoration will sometimes be covered, depending on your insurance provider & the type of policy you have.

Doing an exclusion. Job done correctly the first time!

Doing yet another bat exclusion job in Orlando. Job done correctly the first time! As you can see, this stuff can be tough work.

About The Cost Of Bat Removal In Orlando

This is the most commonly asked question by people calling about a bat problem – “how much will bat removal cost?” Well, first you must understand there is no “exact cost” AKA set rates when it comes to bat removal. That said, we cannot provide an accurate quote over the phone – only ballpark.

Given an average sized 2 story home that has relatively newer construction with a shingled roof and a medium-sized bat colony in the attic – the ballpark cost will likely be in the range of $900-$2200 depending on the number of gaps we need to access and seal. That is typically the average cost, but pricing has the potential to increase or decrease substantially depending on the bat infestation.

Pricing in instances where bats are roosting on an outside section of the home will pail in comparison to a bat infestation in the attic. And another scenario that can happen at times is when a bat colony is only using 1 entry point to get into an attic and no secondary gaps are present – that service would cost a couple hundred dollars compared to thousands. That’s why the inspection is very important!

This is also where our experience comes into play. A scenario that is easily recognizable to us may not be for someone less experienced, and the price will be influenced by that between us & the competition. Often times we’ll charge less, and sometimes more, it just depends on what we’ve gotta do to get those bats out and feel comfortable providing a guarantee with our work. That is just another reason why having Florida Wildlife Trappers on the scene first will be a huge advantage to you.

Bat Removal & The Law – Who Not To Hire

Bat removal does NOT require any special license. The only thing needed to offer bat removal services to the public is a Nuisance Control License that is obtained through the FWC. Any and every company that deals with animals will have this license, but that does not certify them to handle bats, even if they are legally allowed to offer the service. For this reason, consumers must be very cautious as to whom they hire for bat removal services in Orlando. We suggest that research is the best defense against being taken advantage of by some run of the mill trapper. There are always going to be scam artists in any given industry, and in the wildlife industry, we have operators who will try to sell their services based on a lie. They tell these lies assuming the consumer wouldn’t know any facts about the issues in question. And most of the time, people will not have a clue and leave themselves susceptible to being sold unnecessary services by a pest company. You can rest assured our team at Florida Wildlife Trappers is an exception. We take pride in offering quick bat exclusion and eviction services at an affordable rate for homeowners living in Orlando and the surrounding metropolitan area.

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Top 5 Bat Problems In Florida


  1. Bats In The Attic – When bats invade an attic space they are likely to build up large amounts of guano deposits scattered throughout the attic. Florida Wildlife Trappers can provide attic cleanup when bats make a mess.
  2. Bats In The Chimney- Bats are very common to invade the chimney area. Many people will get bats flying around in the house when bats are present inside their chimney. This is generally due to an open flu in the chimney.
  3. Bats In Vents- Vents can be highly attractive to bats because of the drafts protruding from the vents. People will often notice bats in vents when waste begins to accumulate somewhere below the vent area.
  4. Bats In The House- The hot summer seasons can drive bats to come down from an attic into living areas. Bats do this because the attic becomes too hot for them, so they go lower seeking cooler temps.
  5. Bats In Church- One of the more common structures for bats to invade are churches. Many times churches have open steeples, welcoming many different creatures including bats. Florida Wildlife Trappers can help.
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