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Bats can be quite the nuisance around these Metro Cocoa Beach regions. Bats will invade residential and commercial structures around Cocoa Beach causing thousands of dollars worth of damages and eviction costs. Bat droppings building in the attic can damage drywall material and can even soak into wooded beams in the attic or walls. It’s not uncommon for the smell of guano to permeate into living quarters, especially on hot summer days.

Fortunately for you, when you hire a Cocoa Beach Bat Removal Pro team they know these types of bat problems all too well, and the concerns you have can be relieved quickly when you hire our assigned company for Cocoa Beach bat removal services.

Cocoa Beach Florida Bat Removal Pro Team Does Not Exterminate Bats! It’s Against Florida Law!

About The Cost Of Cocoa Beach Florida Bat Removal

The following is the most commonly asked question by people calling about a bat problem: “How much will removal cost?” First, you must understand there is no “exact cost” (AKA set rates) when it comes to bat removal.

The pricing information a professional bat removal company provides is personally suited to the situation, so you cannot you assume it will be too expensive. Bat problems are often found in the attic; no matter how many bats there are, the live exclusion process remains the same. Read more about exclusion regulations and the info below.

Given an average-sized two-story home with relatively newer construction, a shingled roof, and a medium-sized bat colony in the attic, the average cost is likely to be between $900 and $2200, depending largely on the number of gaps that need to be accessed and sealed around the roofline.

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Why Do You Have A Bat Problem?

Not all bats infest structures, and even the ones that do are somewhat particular about the types of buildings they seek to inhabit. Most bats that choose to live in man-made structures were born in one. Wildlife biologists call these “imprinting bats” when they replicate instinctive behavior learned from the parent bat colony. Bats seeking to invade a new home/structure will generally be more inclined to enter a building that has a construction similar to the building they were born in.

Evidence suggests these bats will gain access to a home through a highly similar entry point to the original parent colony’s. Young female bat pups maturing into adults will live with their parent colony for several years, if not forever. So this behavior is continually passed down as the generations of female bat colonies (AKA maternity colonies) continue to thrive.

So now you should see that it’s not just the luck of the draw when bats choose your home to infest. Still, it is highly unfortunate and a bummer as we understand the removal costs are unexpected expenditures, and nobody can predict having a bat infestation. Bat problems are highly common, but we know that probably doesn’t make you feel better! But, you can rest assured that a Cocoa Beach Bat Removal Pro company carries all the proper licensing and insurance for this line of work.

You should never hire some freelance operation without a trade name and insurance, as many independent operators tend to do in this field of work. You can rest assured that you’re in good hands when you hire a Bat Removal Pro company.

Photo at Cocoa Beach Florida Bat Removal Page: Holding a bat.

This bat was captured in a clients attic. Many more as well.

Photo at Cocoa Beach Florida Bat Removal Page: Doing an exclusion

Doing an exclusion. Every job done correctly the first time!

Photo at Cocoa Beach Florida Bat Removal Page: An attic contaminated with guano

This is the guano left by bats in an attic of a client. No problem for us!

The Bat Inspection

We understand that you want your bat problem to disappear, like yesterday. But first, any company needs to perform a full 5-point wildlife inspection before we give an actual price for bat exclusion or bat removal unless there is a single bat in the house, in which case we’d give a quote on coming out to remove it as an emergency service. The bat inspection will entail a detailed roofline analysis to determine where and how the bats get inside.

During the inspection, professionals will thoroughly check the attic space for damage unless it’s too hot; in that case, an inspection must be rescheduled. These Florida attics can be like a literal oven! Summers are always the worst. But most times, the hot weather won’t stop us from doing our job, as we’ve grown accustomed to it.

During the attic inspection, bat experts will look for damages like Droppings. Unlike most people tend to assume, looking in the attic has little to do with how we get rid of the bats. It’s just to check for damage. A technician will quote the eviction process based on viewing portions outside the attic.

Bat Odors and Attic Cleanup

Our Cocoa Beach Florida Bat Removal Pro crews always carry the appropriate equipment for attic cleanup and bat guano remediation. Depending on the situation with levels of contaminated material in the attic, the job may require 1 of 2 things: a simple spot-cleaning service or a full-blow attic cleanup and complete restoration. Our bat experts can do both.

Oftentimes, with larger bat colonies, more droppings accumulate. The odors will slowly begin to penetrate the home over extended periods of time, and the odors will be much more pronounced on hot and muggy summer days due to the bat guano bacteria mixing with the moisture that leaks into the house from the attic and walls.

Professional Bat Exclusion Process

By federal law, bats cannot be killed. Humane bat removal methods are the only legal means of remediating bat issues. Cocoa Beach Bat Removal Pro crews have perfected this process, which has proven to get the bats out faster, and the solution will also last long-term. We seal the entire building except for the primary entry points and then put up one-way funnels or “bat cones” over these entry points which the bats will then pass through at dusk when they go out on their nightly feeding routine.

Upon returning to the original entry point(s), the bats cannot gain access after they have been excluded. This is a specialized process known by people in this industry as “Live Bat Exclusion.” After the bats are gone, we can process the bat guano cleanup and attic restoration.

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The Top 5 Bat Problems In Cocoa Beach Florida

  1. Bats In The Attic: When bats invade an attic space they are likely to build up large amounts of guano deposits scattered throughout the attic. Bat Removal Pro can provide attic cleanup when bats make a mess.
  2. Bats In The Chimney: Bats are very common to invade the chimney area. Many people will get bats flying around in the house when bats are present inside their chimney. This is generally due to an open flu in the chimney.
  3. Bats In Vents: Vents can be highly attractive to bats because of the drafts protruding from the vents. People will often notice bats in vents when waste begins to accumulate somewhere below the vent area.
  4. Bats In The House: The hot summer seasons can drive bats to come down from an attic into living areas. Bats do this because the attic becomes too hot for them, so they go lower seeking cooler temps.
  5. Bats In Church: One of the more common structures for bats to invade are churches. Many times churches have open steeples, welcoming many different creatures including bats. Bat Removal Pro can help.