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Having bats invade your home can be frightening and worrisome. If you are having a bat problem and live within the USA ( or Canada ( be sure to use these links to find one of our highly recommended bat removal specialists. If you do not live in the US or Canada, this guide will still help you find out how bats are getting into your home.

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1. Look For Bat Droppings On Your Roof or Around Your Home

Finding bat droppings in a specific area around your home is a great way to find the entry point of where the bats are entering your home. This is probably the fastest and most effective way to find the entry point.

Once you find the droppings, you will be looking for cracks or openings in your house that the bat can fit through. Remember that bats can fit through areas as small as 3/8th of an inch. That is a very small gap to fit through so don’t just be looking for larger holes or gaps.

Sometimes these holes and gaps are hard to find so don’t just do a quick glance but be thorough in your search and don’t give up quickly.

2. Bats In The Attic

This is the most common place to find bats in your house. It is a great roosting spot for female bats to raise their young since attics are usually warm. If you have bats in your attic the first step, we would recommend hiring a professional to remove the bots completely. Making sure all of the bats are removed before sealing the space is necessary. After the bats are removed from the home then you can look around your attic for any holes or gaps that could lead into

After the bats are removed from the home then you can look around your attic for any holes or gaps that could lead into the space. If you cannot find any I would recommend getting a ladder and safely looking under and around the roof of your house seeing if there are any gaps that can be spotted from the outside. Remember, be patient when searching and if you see bat droppings that is most likely the area they enter in.

Reminder: Once the bats are removed make sure you clean up all bat droppings and urine deposits.

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3. Bats In The Walls

If you think you have bats in the walls, then it would be ideal to hire a professional to remove. If you have bats in the walls, not only are they more difficult to remove but it is also more difficult to find the entry spot.

Remember a bat can fit through an area as small as 3/8th of an inch.

One of the big issues with bats entering into the exterior wall is that cleaning up the droppings and urine can be an extremely difficult task and if not no taking care of could lead to health issues or even cause damage to your home.

Remember to make 100% sure all of the bats are removed before closing up the hole. Having dead bats in your house could cause a foul odor and other issues.

Bats are known to carry rabies, so you do not want to risk that.

Bats In The Chimney photo at bats get house at bat removal pro

4. Check Your Chimney

If your house has a chimney, then it could be the culprit for letting bats into your home. Even though bats will most likely not do damage while inside your chimney they do leave health risks due to the dropping and also can expose you and your family if they enter the home.

We recommend that you hire a professional to take care of the problem. This is the safest, most reliable way to get this problem fixed without risking exposure to the diseases and other potential health issues a bat can cause.

Health Issues A Bat Can Cause

Rabies: Bats are known to carry rabies. Rabies is a deadly disease which is fatal once symptoms appear. This disease attacks the brain, and if you have rabies, you have to go through a series of inoculations to deal with the disease. This is not only extremely painful but also very expensive.

Rabies can be contracted from a bat through touching blood, waste or a dead corpse. You need to take the utmost precautions when dealing with bat dropping and corpse removal. Hiring a professional to clean up as well may not be a bad idea.

A few things to note is if a bat is not afraid of humans, it is unable to fly or is active during the day then those are strong signs it has rabies. So be very cautious if you notice any of these signs. We still recommending being cautious no matter the situation because you never know.

Fungal Disease: This disease is attracted from bat droppings. The droppings have a microscopic fungus when inhaled can lead to the disease Histoplasmosis. This disease can prove fatal to infants and cause flu-like symptoms.

Parasites: As with most outdoor mammals, parasites are a common issue with attaching themselves to the animals. Fleas, ticks, and lice may be brought into your home when the bat enters. Not only are these parasites troublesome ticks are known to carry Lyme Disease which is an added risk for having bats in your home. Getting rid of the bats in your home quickly may stop parasites from infesting your home as well.

Final Points

Professionals are professionals for a reason. They are trained in taking care of these issues and safely removing bats from your home. There are so many risks when trying to remove bats from your home; it isn’t worth it to try and get one of these health issues. You may be spending more money fixing the other issues and still not get everything done right. It is just better to have a professional do it.

At the top of this post, there are two links for the US and Canada to exterminators we recommend in each city. We get people who are fairly priced and will get the job done right. That is why we partner with only the best companies for this service.

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