Methods for Dealing with Bats in Your Chimney

There are all kinds of reasons you will find bats in your chimney this winter. For invading wildlife, your home is safe, warm, and protected from the elements. Above all, bats this winter are looking to survive for reproduction, and your chimney is prime real estate. That said, you should not be without hope, because Bat Removal Pro is scouring the country for the most qualified bat removal experts!

Timing Is Important & Why You Need to Act Quickly

The only bats that will fly into your chimney are females. They need a secure, solitary location to protect their young. Although they may show up earlier, the bats generally give birth in April and May. This is pivotal knowledge for homeowners, because after giving birth, it is illegal to remove bats from your chimney. Many species of bat are endangered, meaning they are protected through legislation. When bats give birth, their offspring are usually flightless for several months afterward. Therefore, it is against the law to perform exclusions, as it poses a physical threat to vulnerable bats. Because of this, you need to take immediate action. Start by checking out our directory to find the closest qualified bat exclusion services near you.

What to Expect During the Bat Exclusion Process

The first thing your bat expert will do is perform a survey of your home or attic in order to locate any possible entry points. Bats can fit into tight spaces as small as 3/8″ wide. Furthermore, a chimney without a secured, ventilated cap is vulnerable to all kinds of wildlife invasion. Upon discovering of the entry points, all but the main one will be sealed to stop other potential invaders. On the main gap, a device will be used that allows the bats to exit but protects against them coming back into your house. Once the bats are gone, the final gap will be sealed, cutting off any other animals trying to find residence this winter.

Steps to Take Once You Discover Bats in Your Chimney

  • Step 1: Get hold of a professional bat removal service immediately! Because they are illegal to remove under specific conditions, you may have a small window to get problem bats evicted.
  • Step 2: Make sure to leave the bats alone and do not start a fire! If you attempt to start up your fireplace, you will be unpleasantly surprised as the bats flutter into your living quarters. Simply leave them as they are, as it is against the law to harm them anyways.
  • Step 3: Follow any advice given to you by your bat removal specialist. Bats can be dangerous to humans in several ways, some of which (bat guano harboring disease) do not involve physical contact. Ultimately, it is up to you to maintain the safety of your household, so please be cautious!
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