Bat Removal Pro Promotes Bat World Sanctuary

Bat World Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to rescuing different species of bats; whether they are orphaned, injured, or sick bats, this organization does what they can to save them. They also have a directory of their bat rescuers located throughout the USA who do not charge for qualified rescues.

My name is Luke, the creator of the BatRemovalPro Network of professionals, and I want to go out of my way to vouch for this amazing organization & the highly important work they do all around the world. My goal is to spread awareness about the resulting benefits of saving bats.

Peekaboo at Bat World Sanctuary on Bat World Sanctuary page

About Bat World Sanctuary

If you’ve had bat problems in your house, you likely don’t think too highly on the cuteness level of bats. Well, Bat World Sanctuary will make you see bats in a whole new light. They take bats and rescue them, and then rehabilitate them in an enclosed habitat; AKA the bat world. There, the bats are able to live their dream life, but maybe even better. The bats have different amenities in bat world, such as hanging toys to play with, foliage growth for a stable & natural environment, and last but not least; all the food the bats could hope for, including fruits, bugs, & other tasty treats! Bat World Sanctuary is truly a sanctuary for bats.

Injured or orphaned bats that are rescued are nursed back to health in the rehabilitation section inside Bat World Sanctuary headquarters. Once they are healthy enough, the bats are placed in the bat world habitat. Upon being fully rehabilitated, the bats are then released back into the wild!

A Big Price To Pay For Saving Thousands Of Bats

Bat World Sanctuary has very high costs considering they rescue, treat, and nurture thousands of bats back to health every year. You will see a small portion example of their costs in the YouTube video we will share about Bat World Sanctuary. In the video, you will also see a few of the documented rescue & rehabilitation cases this organization has done for bats in the past.

I encourage everyone reading this to head over to their website and donate. Help these innocent animals that are often misunderstood and viewed only as a nuisance by many people. As professionals in bat control & bat removal from buildings, we know that realistically, nuisance problems are heavily outweighed by the benefits bats bring to the environment, and one little bat can impact a lot.

After You Donate To Bat World Sanctuary

After you donate, you will receive a brochure thanking you for your contribution, and you will also learn a lot more about Bat World Sanctuary and their mission in the process. Donating will not only benefit the bats, but you will likely discover that donating will make you feel pretty good about yourself as well. The will to give is a rare thing these days, so be special.

An Awesome Opportunity To Help Bats!

The biggest cost in saving bats for this organization is providing the necessary quantities of food every day. Well now I’m going to give you an amazing opportunity; you can help the bats directly! Yes, you! Visit Bat World Sanctuary’s wish list on Amazon. There, you will find things you can buy for the bats that are being rehabilitated in bat world.

You can choose from an assortment of items, including toys for the bats, necessities, and food products. Their most needed products are food, because feeding bats is a constant cycle, so they need a lot of it! A few of the food products include The Better Bug® Gut-Loading Diet, Mandrain Oranges, Fruitein Protein Shake Mix, Papaya Chunks, Fruit Rainbow Shake, & others! Foliage products are also available, which help maintain the habitat for the bat world.

The Bat Removal Pro Solution: Humane Bat Removal Companies In The US And Canada

We at BatRemovalPro care about the bat species of the world. There are many incompetent marketing companies out there who will advertise inhumane wildlife companies that will purposefully harm or kill bats to remove them from a building. The companies listed in our directory do charge for their bat removal services. However, I can assure you that no bat will ever be harmed during the humane bat removal process that each company is screened for prior to listing on the Bat Removal Pro network of wildlife professionals. Visit our directory HERE to find a bat removal expert in your location in the US or Canada. Thanks to all those at Bat World Sanctuary for the work you guys do and supporting our cause as well!

 Luke W/ Bat Removal Pro Directory