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Florida Bonneted Bat

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Florida bonneted bats are the largest bat species in the state of Florida. They are most recognizable by their ears that extend out over their face. It is this feature that gives them the “bonneted” moniker in their name. Their fur is a dark gray color but often mixed in with a bit of brown. Florida bonneted bats have long tails, known as “free tails” that extend longer than many other bat species.

The population of Florida bonneted bats is at risk and mentioned in the Endangered Species Act as being critically endangered. There are several reasons for their critical numbers, including languid mating potential, habitat destruction, and general climate shift. The Bonneted is slow to mate, so they don’t repopulate quickly. These bats only give birth to one offspring per breeding season. Furthermore, they do not migrate and cannot exist in habitats far outside the wetlands of Florida. This combination of facts, coupled with hurricanes and urban growth, has desecrated the population and makes it improbable that the population will fully recover.

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Florida bonneted bats must be handle with great care because of their distinction as a critically endangered bat species. Although it is illegal to harm or kill bats in Florida, some rules state that legal exclusion of bats must happen outside of the maternity season. But, these bats cannot legally be captured or relocated. To remove these bats from your property, you must find a highly trusted local bat removal service that operates under conservation laws. Bat Removal Pro screens all local bat removal services to find the most qualified candidates for your bat removal job. Check out our U.S. or Canada directory now to solve bat problems for good!