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The Evening Bat

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The Evening Bat- Nycticeius humeralis

Evening bats are a small bat species found throughout the eastern United States and Canada. They have dark brown fur on their backs with a lighter brown color underneath as well as black wings and ears. The bats measure at under 2.5 inches and weigh anywhere up to 14 grams. It is a very common species of bat that live almost exclusively in forested areas. They may roost in hollowed-out tree cavities, behind exfoliating bark, and less commonly in attics or abandoned buildings.

Evening bats choose to forage for food at night, where they feed on ants, beetles, moths, and other types of insects. They mate during the late summer months, while the sperm is stored overwinter to proceed with fertilization during the following spring. The females usually birth anywhere from one to three pups. Although they are known to migrate over 500 miles, these bats are usually active even during the winter months. Evening bats usually live no longer than two years in the wild.

Evening bats usually do not invade our homes but when they do, it is important that you remove them immediately. Bats are known carriers of many harmful diseases. Therefore, you should always hire a professional bat removal service to handle your bat situation. Bat Removal Pro screens all local bat removal specialists to determine which are the most qualified to handle your bat removal needs. Take a look at the directory on our site and call one of the licensed professionals to solve your bat problem today!

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