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The Eastern Red Bat – Lasiurus borealis

Eastern red bats are a medium-sized bat species which live in forested areas east of the Rocky Mountains spanning from Canada to Florida. The males have long, reddish-orange fur while the females sport a duller brown color. They measure from three to just under five inches in body length with wingspans of up to 13 inches. The tail, along with the rest of their body, is heavily furred to protect them from the cold. The bats are equipped to survive temperatures as low as 23 degrees Fahrenheit.

Eastern brown bats roost in trees, usually in the hollowed out cavities or under loose bark. They feed on beetles, flies, crickets and other insects throughout the year. Eastern red bats are solitary and only congregate during mating and migration. The females roost alone when giving birth. They have anywhere from one to five offspring at a time. The young bats are born hairless and learn to fly after about five weeks. Little is known about the eastern red bat’s migration patterns but they do hibernate during the winter.

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eastern red bat - thanks to Christina Butler from Georgia, United States, via Wikimedia Commons