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Brazilian free-tailed bats are a medium-sized species of bat that is spread all throughout the North American continent. They are especially common in the western United States with many also taking residence in low elevation regions of the southeastern US. They have fur that ranges from a reddish to a dark brown or gray color. Brazilian free-tailed bats are usually 3.5 inches in length with wings that span up to 12 inches. They way anywhere from 7 to 12 grams total with females slightly outweighing the males. Their ears are broad and forward-pointing with a black color. The tails as well as their wings are longer than average for bat species.

Brazilian free-tailed batscan live in a wide variety of habitats. This can include desert areas as well as woodlands and forests. The bats regularly migrate to southern Central America during the winter. They feed on insects, especially moths, and can consume up to 500,000 lbs a night per colony. These bats, amongst others, are a critical component of a healthy ecosystem which keeps insect populations in line. Although they are one of the more abundant species of mammal in the continent, the Brazilian free-tailed bat is considered an at-risk species in the state of California.

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