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THE BIG BROWN BAT – Eptesicus fuscus

The big brown bat is one of the largest bat species in the country. They span about five inches in length with wings that measure anywhere from 13 to 16 inches. They are also relatively heavy, weighing from 15 to 26 grams. Their fur is long and ranges from light to darker shades of brown. Their ears, muzzle, and wings are black in color. Big brown bats can be found all over the North American continent from the northernmost parts of Canada to all areas of the United States and further south in Mexico.

bat species. thanks to USFWSmidwest, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Big brown bats are found in nearly every habitat. This makes them an extremely common pest animal for homeowners. The bats can often be found roosting in attics or other uninhabited structures. They feed mostly on insects, with beetles comprising the majority of their prey. The females can eat up to their body weight in insects in a single night. Although they can live in most any environment, the bats’ habitats of choice are often forested areas. This means that they are highly affected by deforestation. When this occurs, they commonly move closer to human-dense areas where they become problem pests.

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