Your Bat Removal Cost Depends On A Professional Inspection

If you’re dealing with bats in your attic, home, or building as a consumer, you’re likely concerned about the cost of removal. It’s important to note that bat removal services typically cost more than standard pest control jobs. However, it’s not accurate to assume that the cost will be the same for two homes of the same size. This is because the working conditions for bat removal may vary greatly between the two homes, resulting in different costs. Therefore, the factors for bat removal cost is flexible and account for more difficult removal jobs, depending on the building.

The only effective way to remove bats from a building is to perform a process known as “live bat exclusion.” This process involves sealing the structure where any gaps of 3/4in or larger are found, followed by putting up one-way bat cones to let the bats out but not back in. This is a meticulous process. Make sure to hire a professional whose experience will provide you with a bat removal cost that’s accurate.

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Photo of Steeple at Bat Removal Cost Page

The bat removal cost of this job in a church steeple will be more than the average home due to the height and the equipment needed to do the bat exclusion.

Mineral Photo from bat guano at bat removal cost page at bat removal pro
These bat urine stalactites are the outcome of collecting minerals from months of bats urinating in this attic roost. The bat removal cost increase with these situations.
Guano photo at Bat Removal Cost
Heaps of guano grow the longer bats remain in your attic or walls. Removing the guano, the contaminated insulation, and then sanitizing the area will increase the bat removal cost of the job.
Bats on brick wall Photo at bat removal cost page at bat removal pro
If you have a large colony of bats in your buildings, our bat removal experts will walk you through the bat removal cost for this type of serious problem.

Does Insurance Cover Attic Cleanup?

If you’ve recently had bats removed from your attic and need restoration work done, it’s worth checking with your homeowner’s insurance to see if they cover it. Reach out to your insurance company and inquire about their policy on attic restoration following bat removal. However, before you can begin the restoration process, it’s important to eliminate the bats. Check out the Bat Removal Pro directory to find a local professional who can help with this task. You may also find it helpful to read an additional article on whether homeowners insurance covers bat removal.