Choosing a bat removal company is often a blind process for homeowners. Unlike many common household maintenance issues, bat prevention and exclusions should not be handled on one’s own. Instead, they should be outsourced to professionally trained workers from a trusted wildlife removal company.

Bat in caught in spider web

This brings us to yet another issue: choosing the right bat removal company. Most first-time bat problems are met with uncertainty, leading homeowners to perform flailing google searches for the nearest company with “bat” in their name. That said, how can we better inform the general population so that they can select the proper companies for their bat removal needs? My hope is that this post will tell you everything you need to know going forward, putting you in a better situation to handle present and future bat issues.

What Makes a Good or Bad Bat Removal Company?

A surprising number of bat removal companies are uneducated in the basics of proper bat exclusion and prevention services. Proper protocol exists not only for the safety of the bats (mostly endangered or at least close to being so), but primarily for the safety of homeowners. Bats are vulnerable, mostly harmless creatures with no desire to cause people any trouble. That said, it is potentially dangerous to leave them free to roam your property.

Waste buildup, damage to your home or attic, and potential for physical contact are all problems you want to avoid if possible. Well-run, licensed bat removal companies will hire educated employees with the ability to diagnose a bat infestation immediately once on-site. For the most part, a trained professional will recognize certain patterns and clues that allow them to construct a working mental model of the issues that exist on your property.

On the other hand, those without proper training and certification are likely to come off as unknowledgeable, which you should absolutely be wary of. Any company which is known to kill bats or fail to remove them altogether should be eliminated from your search immediately. Luckily, we’re here to help with that!

Bat on a deck

What Should I Look for in a Bat Removal Company?

Proper licensing is a must. In fact, it’s the first thing we look for. Proper training ensures that bat removal experts are capable of quick, safe exclusions — providing the most hassle-free experience possible for the customer. A reputable bat removal company will also have years of experience and a customer base built up, meaning plenty of helpful reviews through any of the available review databases.

For your convenience, Bat Removal Pro sifts through the many bat removal companies in a given area to help you make a well-informed decision. Simply navigate to your location and we’ll provide you with first-rate options for bat removal professionals in your area. Bat removal is nothing to pinch pennies over. Bat Removal Pro will hook you up with qualified experts in your area, leaving you satisfied with the state of your home. Try us out today!