Bat In The House

It’s common to have a bat in the house. One of the signs of a bat colony infesting your home is having a bat show up inside your house. If you need to remove a bat in this situation, we can help. First, we should acknowledge that sometimes the solution is as simple as opening a door or window nearby, but this may not work if it’s cold outside. Assuming you’re in a hurry to resolve the issue, let’s get to the point: Pay close attention to where the bat lands after it stops flying. Now for the fun part! There are a few ways to capture a bat, and we’ll go over the different options.

Method #1: Using a thick towel (such as a towel you’d use after showering), place the towel over the bat and grab the bat through the towel. You should definitely be wearing gloves while you try this. You can release it outside once you have a secure grip on the bat.

Method #2: Approaching the bat slowly, place a plastic cup or coffee container directly over the bat. Next, slide a piece of paper between the bat and the wall to disconnect the bat’s grip and fall down into the container. Next, you can carry it outside to release it.

Is It Dangerous To Have A Bat Flying Around?

This question comes up often. Simply put, you don’t need to worry about bats latching onto your neck and drinking your blood. Bats are skilled at maneuvering and use echolocation and vision to detect your location, so they will generally avoid contact with you. It is possible to get scratched by a bat flying past you, but it’s not common. As long as the bat is inside, try to keep an eye on it to see where it lands. But generally, you’ll want to get into another room when you have a bat in the house.

You may consider securing the bat and taking it to a local shelter if it’s wintertime.

If you’re unable to capture the bat yourself, browse our USA bat removal companies here.