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A very common issue is experiencing an issue with bats in the house. A bat flying around the living areas of your home is a common symptom of bats in the attic. If you want to know how to capture and remove a bat in these situations, you’ve come to the right place.

First, we’ll mention the obvious and admit that sometimes all it takes is opening a window or door nearby to where the bat is flying. However, this will not always work, especially if it’s cold outside. Assuming you’re probably in a hurry here, we’ll cut to the chase:

Keep a close eye on the bat as it flies through your house and make certain you spot where it lands.

Now comes the fun part! There are a couple ways of capturing a bat, so we’ll give you the different options.

  1. Using a thick towel (such as a towel you’d use after showering), place the towel over the bat and grab the bat through the towel. You should definitely be wearing gloves while you try this. Once you have a secure grip on the bat, you can release it outside. 
  2. Using a cup, such as one used in the popular game “beer pong”, place the cup directly over the bat. Next, slide a piece of paper between the bat and the wall to disconnect the bat’s grip. Use the paper as a cover to contain the bat and take it outside.
  3. For more information, visit Wiki-How’s visual guide to removing a bat from your house.

Is It Dangerous To Have A Bat Flying Around? 

This is a very common question. Long story short, let’s just say the bat isn’t going to latch onto your neck and start sucking your blood. They are very skilled at maneuvering and their echolocation hearing enables them to detect exactly where you are – and the bat is also going to avoid coming into contact with you at all costs. As long as you remain still, the bat will not touch you. That said, bats have the tendency to come rather close. You may even feel a slight breeze as the bat hovers past you. This in combination with hearing the bat’s wings flapping right in your ear can make for quite the scary experience. The bat will seemingly enjoy in making it a close call – but don’t worry. Just confide in the good possibility the bat is laughing it up at you sitting there freaking out.

“Was This Bad Luck Or By Chance?” Do You Have A Bat Problem:

Having a bat in the house is the most common symptom of a bat colony living in your attic. Bats that make their way inside are usually juvenile bats who’ve gotten lost within the frameworks of your home. However, that’s not always the case. At times a bat will find its way into your home by mere chance by entering through an open chimney flue or cracked window. Either way, it’s best to evaluate the situation and confirm there’s not a bigger problem. This may require the assistance of a professional if you are unable to access your attic or if you simply want to avoid dealing with the situation altogether.

If you manage to get into your attic, look around for bat droppings. Bat guano pellets are larger than mouse poop but are similar in shape. You can also do a “night watch” on your home to see if you notice any bats exiting from a particular spot. If you discover evidence of a bat infestation in your attic, the problem is going to need addressing. At this point, you can either hire a professional from our directory of bat removal operators for an inspection, or you can attempt performing bat exclusion yourself by referencing our DIY Bat Removal Guide for beginners.