All Bat species in the US & Canada are protected by federal laws and regulations. At times, the problem with having bats in your home or attic is because of bat maternity season. This is a period of time when the removal of bats from buildings is illegal, due to the young bat pups which are unable to fly. If the adult members of a bat colony are excluded from accessing the building, the baby bats would starve and die without their mothers.

This is very inhumane, which is why the Fish & Wildlife Service of the United States protects bats during the bat maternity season. So essentially, there’s no getting around the fact that you may need to live with bats in your attic for a bit longer.

In most states, the bat maternity season lasts from May, 15th to August, 15th.

So, what proactive measures can be taken in the meantime? Well, it’s always best to have a professional bat removal company come and take a look. They will be able to identify if the bats you have in your home or attic is a maternity colony. If you are in need of a bat removal professional in the USA, visit my directory.

Once the wildlife specialist has confirmed your situation, they can recommend the next steps of getting rid of bats in your attic.

Not every wildlife control company offers this, but the bat exclusion process can be started before the maternity season ends. You will still have the bats in your attic, that part is unavoidable, but a portion of the job can be completed without harming the bats in any-way. During bat exclusion, one-way cones are installed over the entry point, and the rest of the home is sealed to keep the bats out. But since young bats are present during the maternity season, the one-way cones are not added until after August 15th. This gives the bat pups enough time to develop flying abilities.

In the meantime, secondary cracks and crevices may be sealed on the bat-infested building, everything except for the entry point. This is where most of the work is involved during bat exclusion. So, by sealing everything except for the entry, 90% of the bat exclusion will already be complete. This makes the exclusion process much faster when returning to install the one-way cones after August, 15th.

Aside from doing that, sorry, you cannot remove bats during the blackout season. If you do, you are subject to serious fines and jail time.