Wintertime is generally when people assume bats are fast asleep. However, this is not the full truth. In colder climates, from October to early spring bats will go into a state known as “Torpor.” This is basically what people refer to as hibernation. However, during torpor, bats periodically become active during the winter, for one reason or another. These brief moments of wakefulness may occur either when the weather outside gets colder, or perhaps warmer. If it gets colder, the bats may come down the walls searching for a heat source. This can sometimes land a bat or 2 inside your home.

If you’ve had a bat inside your house during the winter, let’s just say this… It didn’t fly through a cracked window. It came down from your attic and into your living room or another area. This is a sure sign of a bat infestation inside your home. There have likely been bats inside your attic since last summer or early fall.

If you’ve discovered a bat flying around your home during the winter, it’s time to get a bat inspection. A professional bat removal company will be able to do a full-point wildlife inspection for bats. This will confirm the presence of bats in your home, and where exactly they are (whether it be the chimney, attic, or walls.)

However, you should not just hire any bat removal company. There are crooks out there who would like nothing more than to take your money and not provide an effective service. And then there are also those companies who will perform the job, give you a 10-year warranty, and never even come back the following month when you try to call them because you got another bat in your house. You want to hire someone who has been in the bat business for years and has reputable credentials online. You should also hire someone who has experience in performing bat removal work.

If you are seeking to hire a bat removal company, you’ve come to the right place. Bat Removal Pro is a nationwide directory of professional bat removal experts. Feel free to browse our bat removal directory here to see if we have a professional listed in your area. We only list local operators on our website.