Bat Guano Contamination In Attics And Walls – How To Remove Bat Guano

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Bat Guano In Your Buildings 

Bat droppings, also known as bat guano, is perhaps the most concerning aspect of a bat infestation. When bats are in living in your attic or walls, droppings will accumulate over time. During the daytime, the bats will all be joined together in a specific area called the roost. Bats will often form a roosting site in an attic or wall void where they can tuck behind the boards. The bat guano will be most concentrated below the roosting site. Bat guano contamination is sometimes so severe that the entire attic needs to have all the insulation removed. This is a process known as attic remediation, where all the attic material is removed, new insulation is installed, and the attic will also be sanitized to deodorize the boards.

Attic Bat Guano page photo: Bat Guano Contamination photo of bats behind a bamboo curtain a customer's attic.

These bats were behind some old bamboo curtains in a customer’s attic. Fortunately, one of our Bat Removal Professionals removed these bats permanently and humanely.

Bat Guano In Attics

Bat guano in the attic will accumulate into piles, as shown in the image below. Depending on the number of bats and how long the problem has been going on, bat guano in the attic has the potential to become a health hazard for the people living in the home. Not only that, but bat guano has a very pungent odor which becomes more pronounced during summer. Bat urine will also contribute to the odor. If the problem is left alone, the weight from the bat guano can cause a drywall ceiling to collapse. To avoid this situation, the bats should be removed by a professional. Bat guano cleanup is only performed after the bats are gone. There wouldn’t be much point in removing the droppings if you still had a bat problem!

Attic Bat Guano page photo: Bat Guano Contamination photo of guano in a customer's barn.

If bat guano is left too long in your buildings, a fungus called Histoplasma capsulatum can grow and develop spores. If you inhale the spores, then you can acquire the disease called Histoplasmosis.

Hiring A Company For Bat Guano Cleanup

We recommend hiring a professional wildlife company for removing bat guano from attics and walls. A wildlife professional will charge 1/2 the price of a biohazard company for the exact same service, and they will also be more experienced in dealing with these situations. The bats will also need to be excluded from the home before any cleaning takes place, which is a specialized service only a licensed wildlife control operator can offer. So, it’s better to hire 1 company for everything rather than hiring separate contractors. Select your State and City in our directory below to find a company recommended by Bat Removal Pro for your bat guano contamination issues.

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Bat Maternity Colonies

Bat guano may not be much of a problem in situations where the bats have not been living in the home for a prolonged period, and also when there are a small number of bats inhabiting the building. However, probably around 95% or more of bat infestations occur inside a home when a maternity colony uses the home as a harborage to raise their young, while the other 5% of bat infestations are caused by bachelor colonies. The difference being is that a maternity colony is a group of female bats, while bachelor colonies are male bats. On average, a maternity colony has between 30-80 bats, while bachelor colonies will seldom exceed 10 individual bats. So, if you’ve seen a large number of bats flying out of your home at dusk, you definitely have a maternity bat colony living in your home and attic. The best thing you can do in these situations is call a professional bat excluder. Bats are amazingly difficult to remove when you try doing it on your own.

Attic Bat Guano page photo:  Bat Guano Contamination photo of bats clinging to a brick chimney in the attic.

This bat colony was found in the home of a Bat Removal Pro customer. One of our professional teams  successfully removed this colony without harming any bats.

The difference between a maternity colony in your home vs. a bachelor colony will greatly influence the amount of bat guano in your attic or walls, due to the greater number of bats. A maternity colony is also more prone to live in your home long-term due to the time it takes to nurse their pups into adulthood. Moreover, once the bats decide your home seems like a secure roosting site, they will intend on returning for the next season of raising pups.

Bat Guano Contamination And Health Concerns

Don’t Play With Your Health And The Health Of Those You Love

Long-term issues with bats in the attic is a primary catalyst for hazardous bat guano contamination. Over time, bat guano will begin to develop fungus in attics and walls, due to the humidity caused by bat urine. Attics also tend to be scorching hot during the summer, which further contributes to bad odors and fungus development. This is not only an inconvenience, but it’s also a health hazard. A disease called Histoplasmosis can result from breathing in the spores of fungus found in bat guano. Histoplasmosis is a respiratory infection that attacks the lungs. If you ever plan on looking inside your attic to inspect for bat guano yourself, you should be wearing a face mask with a high-quality filter. However, this is a job best left to a bat removal professional.

Attic Bat Guano page graphic: Bat Guano Contamination graphic of our support of Bat Conservation International.

Not everyone who breaths in the fungus will become sick. And even if they do get histoplasmosis, the disease is treatable with antifungal medication. However, people with weaker immune systems are more susceptible to having a more severe reaction to the disease. This may include people with HIV/AIDS, people receiving chemotherapy treatments, or people taking immune system suppressants.

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In conclusion, we recommend doing your own research on hiring the right company for bat guano cleanup. Don’t always listen to what is written on a website, rather, call the operator and ask about their service to ensure you are comfortable hiring them. View our list of recommended professionals below.

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