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Bat Removal Pro is your trusted resource for finding licensed and insured wildlife and bat removal professionals across the United States and Canada. We are committed to helping homeowners, businesses, and property managers find reputable experts who can safely and humanely remove bats and other wildlife from your property.

The Bat Removal Pro Network connects you directly with local bat removal professionals who are company owners. You will receive knowledgeable assistance from certified professionals who operate in their own service areas.

We’ve researched every company in our network to ensure they meet our high standards for quality, experience, and licensing. We’re confident that every operator in our network is the best choice for handling your bat removal project.

Why Choose Licensed and Insured Professionals?

Wildlife removal requires specialized knowledge, experience, and tools, especially when dealing with bats. By choosing a licensed and insured professional, you ensure that:

  1. Safety: Professionals are trained to handle wildlife safely, minimizing risks to people and property.
  2. Compliance: Licensed experts follow local regulations and wildlife protection laws, ensuring ethical and legal removal practices.
  3. Protection: Insurance provides coverage for any accidental damage or injuries that may occur during the removal process.

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Our useful info and guides about bat infestation provide answers to many of your problems and questions. If you have a nuisance bat problem or a wildlife control problem, you want the bat removal professionals you can trust at Bat Removal Pro.

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The Best Bat Removal Companies In The USA

About The Removal Process – Live Bat Exclusion By Bat Removal Professionals

At our company, we work with licensed experts who provide Bat Removal services while ensuring the safety of all bats in the attic. This is a requirement set by Federal Wildlife Authorities, as bats are a protected species. To remove bat colonies from a building, a special procedure called Live Bat Exclusion is necessary. If a bat is found in a living area, it may need to be euthanized and submitted to the Health Department for a rabies evaluation. It’s important to note that we do not work with companies that exterminate colonies of bats.

The Bat Inspection
The bat inspection by bat removal professionals is essential to verify the presence of bats and determine which areas of the home the bats are getting inside. Sometimes, the bat problem is rather obvious. There are various signs the wildlife professional will look for during the inspection. Such as bat guano stuck to siding, indicating a bat entry point is above that area, or grease stains around a gap, which also indicates a bat entrance area into the home.
Identifying The Bat
Bat removal professionals should look at the attic for signs of guano on the insulation. Depending on the size and concentration of the guano, the species can generally be identified by certified bat removal professionals. Big brown bats, little brown bats, and Mexican free-tailed bats are the most common culprits of a bat infestation. Occasionally, the bats themselves can also be spotted roosting inside the attic. When you first call a bat removal company, you should always ask the operator if they will look inside your attic during the inspection. This step is crucial, and true bat removal professionals would do this immediately.
Bat Proofing
The real challenge in removing bats is finding all of the gaps on a home a bat could fit through. You see, bats can slip through spaces no larger than the width of your pinky finger, and your typical home may have dozens of these types of areas with small gaps. Moreover, there are two types of entry points. Primary entry points are areas where the bats are currently gaining access to your attic. Secondary entry points are exposed to gaps where bats could POTENTIALLY gain access. Chimney flashing, attic vents, dormers, drip edge, roof junctions, and various other areas need to be carefully examined and sealed to ensure a job well done.
Excluding Bats Using One-Way Valves
Once the secondary entry points are sealed tight, bat removal professionals can install the one-way bat valves over the primary entry points. There are various brands of devices that bat removal professionals utilize. When installed, the device is angled downwards so that the bats can’t return through the device. The bats can’t climb back through the device with the downward angle, successfully evicting the bats through the one-way valve.
Bat Exclusion Time-Frame
Once the home is sealed, and the one-way devices are hung over the primary entry points, the devices are generally left on the house for an additional 2-3 weeks to ensure every bat leaves your home and attic successfully. But, generally speaking, the majority of the bats will be excluded on the first night. The extra 2-3 weeks is just precautionary. After the 2-3 weeks have passed, the bat removal professional will return to the home and remove the one-way devices, followed by sealing the entrance where the device had been. We have now concluded the bat exclusion process.
Examine Degree Of Damage And Review Options

Luckily, bats do not cause direct structural damage by chewing. However, the real damage is caused by bat guano and urine in the attic. As the bat guano sits in the attic, it can develop harmful spores of bacteria, which can cause respiratory illnesses, such as Histoplasmosis. So, any trace of the guano left behind should be cleaned out by the bat removal professionals. The companies on our website can offer this service.

Depending on the degree of damage caused by the guano, the entire attic may need restoring. Attic restoration is the process of removing all insulation, sanitizing, and placing new insulation in the attic. Most wildlife companies are equipped to offer this service. Call the bat removal professionals listed in your area to ask if they provide attic restoration. This process should only be done AFTER the bats have been evicted and the home has been properly bat-proofed.

Attic Restoration And Bat Guano Cleanup Services

When our bat removal professionals humanely exclude bats from your attic, maintenance may be required due to accumulated bat droppings. Guano left behind by bats can cause significant issues, particularly if a larger bat colony is involved. This waste contains harmful bacteria known as Histoplasmosis that can lead to respiratory infections and diseases. Therefore, it is imperative to enlist our bat removal professionals for Bat Guano Cleanup to ensure your safety.

Graphic: Bat Removal Pro has in its directory: Barnes Wildlife Control, Buckeye Wildlife Solutions, Palmetto Wildlife Extractors, and Varment Guard Wildlife Services

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About Companies In The Bat Removal Pro Network

The bat removal professionals listed in our directory will be able to explain the detailed process of bat removal upon the scheduled inspection of your home. Every house is different, posing new challenges and obstacles with it. Pricing of the bat job is dependent on the condition of your home. Experience in providing bat removal services is essential because many things can go wrong during bat exclusion. However, that is not a concern for the companies we list in our directory since we have the best bat removal professionals in the US and Canada.

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Bats Matter To You And The World

Bat Conservation And Rehabilitation

We care about bats throughout the US and the world. These are fascinating creatures that plague homes because of habit, not because they are trying to lighten your wallet. We work in association with many bat conservation organizations in growing awareness about the significance of saving and maintaining populations of bat species.

One organization in particular we support are those at Bat World Sanctuary. These people rescue bats from all around the world, and we are passionate about sharing their ideals of preservation.

bat removal professionals photo of a big brown bat

Big Brown Bat

One of the bats that thrive throughout the United States and eats the corn root worm. Loves warm home attics.

bat removal professionals photo of a librown bat

Little Brown Bat

Found throughout North America, the little brown lives in many home attics in the cold winter months.

bat removal professionals photo of a Florida Bonnetted bat


This endangered species decline is due to human disruption of its summer habitat and roost sites.

Indiana bat photo

Indiana Bat

Another endangered bat found in Maine, Florida, Texas, and it eats mosquitoes, moths, and beetles.



All Professional Bat Removal Companies In Our Directory Can Also Provide Nuisance Wildlife Removal Services, Including:

  • Raccoon Removal From Attics
  • Squirrel Removal From Homes
  • Skunk Removal From Under Decks
  • Bird Removal From Signs And Exteriors
  • Mouse And Rat Trapping Services
  • Opossum Removal From Under Patios
  • Groundhog Removal From Burrows
  • Mole Trapping In Lawns And Yards
  • Coyote Control And Other Wild Animals


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